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 Relationship of training with Employees’ Performance in Hoteling Industry: Case Pearl Continental hotels in Pakistan

Mr. Fakhar Ul Afaq

 Individual differences and mental health disorders among industrial workers: A cross sectional survey of Hayatabad Industrial Estate Peshawar, Pakistan

:Mr. Anwar Khan Marwat:

 Effect of On-the-Job Coaching on Management Trainees Performance :A Post Merger Case Study of Glaxo-Smith-Klein Pakistan  :

Mr. Fahad Munir,
4 Global Financial Crisis and its Effects on Entrepreneurship : Mr. Irfan Shahzad,
5 Service quality; Service features; and Customer complaint handling as the major determinants of customer satisfaction in Banking sector: A Case study of National Bank of Pakistan: Ishfaq Ahmed, Shafiq Gul, Umer Hayat, Mohammad Qasim

The Impact of Recent Global Financial Crisis on the Financial Institutions in the Developing Countries – the need for Global Solutions:

Ms. Nida Iqbal Malik,
7 Competency Gap Assessment of Social Organizers:Case Study of NGOs at Mansehra, Pakistan after Earthquake, 2005: Mr. Kamran Azam,
8 The Effects of Work Overload on the Employees’ Performance in relation to the Customer Satisfaction: A Case of Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA), :Sehrish Tahir and Sonia Kaleem
9  A Comparison of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Compensation Instruments in the Banking Sector of Pakistan: A Case of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP): Ahmad Jamal Tahir  Muhammad Sohaib Ahmed, Muhammad Zohair Sahoo,Subhan Ullah, Kamran Azam, Anwar khan Marwat

 Does Merger Deliver Value? A Case of Glaxo Smith Kline Merger:

Subhan Ullah
11 Continuous Performance Measurement using Distributed Performance Knowledge Management System:    A case study of Coca Cola Enterprise Ltd :Tahir Afzal Malik   

 E-Commerce Strategies: The Art Of Digital War -Commerce Strategies: The Art Of Digital War :

Dr. Sumanjeet Singh,
13 The adoption of e-banking in developing countries: A theoretical model for SMEs : Al Nahian Riyadh,  Md. Shahriar Akter and Nayeema Islam
14 Conceptual Issues in Defining Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) :  Nilufa Akhter Khanom,

Factors Affecting Entrepreneurial Intention Levels of GraduatingStudents in Pakistan:.

Shahid Raza Mir,and.Fozia Nizamuddin
16  Relationship of Training Effectiveness and Faculty Behavior: Case Study on Faculty Development Program :Ms. Omera Qayyum,
17  How to win Chinese consumers: Competetive strategy of Wal-Mart in China: Prof. Jayalakshmi Gopalkrishnan,. D.Ramalingam, V.K.Gupta,Professor and. R.K Verma,
18  Adoption of b2b e-commerce by the SMEs in Bangladesh: An empirical analysis: Asso.Prof. Md. Shah Azam and  Mohammed Quadddus,
20 Population Structure and Real Exchange Rate: Evidence from OECD Countries: Kamriul,

Innovation Unlocks Demand at the “Bottom of the Pyramid”:

Satya P. Chattopadhyay
22  Linking Index Analysis to Sectoral Trade Policy: A Case Study: Azreen Karim,, 

 Accounting for Knowledge Capital in the Emerging Economy of India: Concepts and Issues :

Dr. Dharminder Singh Ubha

 Skilled Migration from Bangladesh to Australia: Business Opportunities and Partnerships with Government and Non Government Organizations:

Moslehuddin Khaled
25 Rising Consumption Inequalities in Bangladesh: Badal Kumar Ghosh,.
26 Towards an Islamic Stock Market: A review of Classical and Modern Literatures: Noor Mohammad Osmani and Faruk Abdullah
27 The Role Of Auditors In The Context Of Corporate Governance : Asst. Prof. Loganathan Krishnan
28  Regulatory Governance Approach to Curb Financial Crises: The U. S. Economic Perspective: A.Prof. M Javed Anwar,
29  Impact of Asset and Liability Management on Profitability: A study on public vs private commercial banks in Bangladesh: Mohammad Abu Saeed AND Mohammad Ziaul Hoque, 
30  How Many Stocks Make a Well Diversified Portfolio: Evidence from Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) :  A. Prof. A. F. M. Ataur Rahman, And Mir Abdul Kader

 Dynamic Effects of Interest Rate and Exchange Rate Changes on Stock Market Returns in Bangladesh:

Prashanta k. Banerjee and Bishnu k. Adhikary,

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