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1 The European Solvency margin: an update for Italian non-life insurance companies Dreassi, A & Miani, S
2 The practice of  Shariah Review as undertaken by Islamic Banking Sector in Malaysia Besar, M &  others
3 The Effect of Mergers  on Bank  performance: Evidence from Bank Consolidation Policy in Indonesia Viverita
4 A comparative study of Banking in China and India, Nonperforming Loans and the level playing Field Shanker, D & Others
5 A Cross Country Comparison of Banking Efficiency: Asia Pacific Banks Singh, G & Others
6 Northern Rock plc: A case study in banking  policy during times of dures Rafferty, M
7 Survival models and credit scoring: Some evidence from Italian Banking System Giambouna, F & Lacono, V
8 The meaning of Globalization: A study in the Nigerian Commercial Banking Sector Mamman, A & Baydown
9 The Adoption of e-Banking: The Case of Omani Banks Al-Hajri, S
10 Equity Markets, Commercial Banks, Insurance Market, and Economic Growth: Supply-leading or Demand-Following? A Causality Test Al-Abadi, M & Others

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