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Corporate Social Responsibility towards Social Responsible Innovation: A dynamic capability approach

Hossein Mahlouji  and Nahid kalbasi Anaraki
2  The Effects of Commitment-Based Human Resource Management on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: The Mediating Role of the Psychological Contract Ki Yeong Lee, and  Seongsu Kim
3 Do Management Practices Affect the Economic Performance of Firms Located in Southeast Wisconsin, USA? Gary F. Keller
4 Relationship of E-tailing Marketing Strategy and Internet-Based Purchasing Suthawan Chirapanda

Segmenting Financial Services Clients by Relationship Positioning: A Total Life Planning Approach

Y.H. Wong
6 The State of knowledge and Innovation Jordan communication firms  Asmahan m. Altaher
7 Toward effective evaluation mechanism of strategic suppliers using linguistic computing approach Wen-Pai Wang and Hsu-Hao Yang
8 Distributor Of Proctor And Gamble Shun Sang (HK) Co. Ltd:  Esther P. Y. Tang,Leslie S. C. Yip and Lorett B. Y. Lau
9 Enhancing Management Competence through Business Simulations Michael Segon and Christopher Booth
10 The Use and Abuse of Online Social Network Sites by Gen Y in the EU: Can Marketing Make a Difference? Alan London D David Bednall Marie Ashwin, and  Ohran Icoz Yaşar
11  Investigation Of The Dynamic Of Entrepreneurial Change Brian McKenzie,
12 Job Satisfaction of Saudi Female Employees: An Exploratory Study Mourad Mansour and Mustafa Achoui,
13  Disengagement of Young Terrorists through Entrepreneurship Programs in Federal Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan Shahid Raza
14 Career Management: Challenges to the Academics and Nurses in Nigeria: Siyanbola, T., Agbaje, Y. , Akinkoye, E,
15 Employees’ Perception of the Gains and Losses of the 2004-2005 Nigerian Commercial Banks Recapitalisation Exercise Tejumade Omowumi SIYANBOLA
16 Emerging new rules of the globalisation:The resurgence of emerging markets aftermath of financial crises Oskar Kayasan
17 .Lay representations of occupational health and safety and their implications for human resource management Judy Van Rooyen and Dr Darcy McCormack,
18 The Impact Of Sex And Role Identity On Employees’ Perceptions Of Managers’ Communication Style Michael Willemyns, Cynthia Gallois and Victor J. Callan
19 Managers’ discretion in purchase price allocation: a comparison between U.K. and Italian insurers: Alessandro Lai and Riccardo Stacchezzini
20  Building Managers As Transformational Leaders In Public Sector Banks Reza Gharoie Ahangar and *Ali Alijani Rooshan
21  The Malaysian IPO Market: Volume, Initial Returns and Economic Conditions Fennee Chong* and Chin-Hong Puah**

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