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1 Good Corporate Governance  And  Environmental Disclosure: The Case Of State Owned Enterprises And Non State Owned Enterprises That Listed In Indonesian Stock Exchange: Zuhrohtun
2 Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Financial Performance And Institutional Ownership: Evidence From Malaysia:  Rusnah Muhamad,  Mustaruddin Saleh  and  Norhayah Zulkifli
3 Does Consistency Of Monthly Returns Generate Price Momentum And Subsequent Reversals?:  Abdulaziz M. Alwathainani
4 Ownership Preference And Staffing Decisions Of Korean Firms Going To Foreign Markets:  Heejung Yeo

Value Vs. Growth: Who Leads The Cyclical Stock Market?:

Meng Li
6 Semi-Monthly Effect: Evidence From The Maurtian Official Stock Market:  Ushad Subadar Agathee
7 Testing The Contribution Of The Stock Market Towards Economic Growth: The Case Of Mauritius :  Ushad Subadar Agathee and  Raja Vinesh Sannassee

Are Stock Returns Predictable In The Saudi Market ? An Investigation Of Returns Around Earnings Announcements:  

Ahmed Alzahrani

Multifactor Expected-Returns Models And The Performance Of Superstock Portfolios In The Uk Equity Market:

Paraskevas Pagas, Arief Daynes  and  Panagiotis Andrikopoulos.
10 Subjective Goodwill As A Determinant Of Earnings Quality: Yuko Katsuo

Examining The Trajectory Of Competitive Advantage With Financial Ratios:

 Fen-May Liou and Cherng G. Ding
12 What Motivates Insurers To Use Derivatives: Evidence From The United Kingdom Life Insurance Industry: Yung-Ming Shiu

Project Returns From Investment Decisions: Evidence From Biopics:

 Raj  Varma and  Wayne J. McMullen
14  Multi-Period Hedging, Risk Attitude, Expected Return,And Interest Rate: Chao-Chun Chen and Hsing-Wen Tu
15 Inflation, Stock Prices And Leverage In Emerging Markets: Deigo Pereira-Garmendia

The Forward Premium Puzzle: Before the Euro

Sorin A Taluka
18 Expiration And Week Effect: Empirical Evidence From The Indian Derivative Market: Naliniprava Tripathy

Issuers’ Features And Stock Market Reaction To Convertible Bonds Issuance: Evidences From The French Market:

 Emmanuel Boutron  and  Jérôme Hubler
20 Liquidity And Volatility On Indonesia Stock Exchange (Idx):An Evidence Of Jsx And Ssx Merger:  Luluk Kholisoh
21 Ceo Reputation And Internal Corporate Governance:  Christo Karuna

Application Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making In Evaluation And Selection Problems Investors In Iran's Stock Exchange :

Naser Hamidi,  Sadegh Abedi  and  Zeinab Fathi

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