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 Recognizing Value Based Approach In  Corporate Governance :  Institutionalization Of Ethics:

Zaleha Othman & Rashidah Abd Rahman

 Multicriteria Decision Model for Information Systems Priorities Based on Business Process Management:

Adiel Teixeira de Almeida & Mila Neves Souza,
3  Examining The Association Between Benchmarking In Tqm And Performance: An Empirical Research For Change: Arawati Agus, Za’faran Hassan &  Mohd Shukri Hajinoor
4  Knowledge Brokers: A Winning Strategy For Improving Transfer And Use Of Knowledge In The Health Field: Saliha Ziam, Réjean Landry & Nabil Amara

.Knowledge Transfer a techniques in Jordan Pharmaceutical Industry 2009:

Asmahan m. Altaher

.Third Party Stakeholders: The Key To Competition Strategies In The Ready-To-Wear Sector?:

Laetitia Dari
7 Assessing Employees Perception On   Health And Safety Management In Public Hospitals: Nor Azimah Chew Abdullah, Jeffery T. Spickett, Krassi B. Rumchev, & Satvinder  S.  Dhaliwal

 Recruitment and Generation Y: Web 2.0 the way to go?:

Helen Verhoeven, Neelofer Mashood & Bal Chansarkar
9  Resources, Organizational Capabilities and Performance: some empirical evidence from Vietnam’s supporting industries: Nham Phong Tuan & Yoshi Takahashi
10 . Critical Success Factors of Change Management- A case study Bank of Jordan and capital Bank": Maha.M Al-Khaffaf

Reality and Surreality in Management Education: Linking Praxis to Practice through Pragmatic Pedagogy:

 Lawrence Loh

 Values and Cultures in Integrating Business- A Comparison of Bulgaria, Finland and Japan:

Vesa Routamaa, Tiina Hautala & Yukie Tsutzuki

 Globalisation and  its impact on  Human Resource Management, competitive advantage and organizational success in modern day organizations:

 Deepika Faugoo

 Following the Footsteps of Joseph Schumpeter to Offer an Explanatory Logic for the Speed-up of the Process of Change:

Manzoor A. Khalidi
15  I Will Help When I Have the Power to Help: Wing Lam & Ziguang Chen
16  The Relationships Between Job Resources, Job Demands  and Teachers’ OCB: Concept Paper: Salmi Che Meh & Aizzat Mohd Nasurdin

 Emiratisation, Omanisation and Saudisation- common causes:  common solutions?:

Neelofer Mashood, Middlesex University Dubai, Helen Verhoeven & Bal Chansarkar

 A comparison between local and foreign firms on cross border skills’ evaluations affecting competitive advantage: Perceptions from professional services’ firms in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan:

Emily Auw

 Analyses of Differentiations between Perception and Execution for Sources of an Organization’s Competitiveness, Performance and Case Studies – An Example of Taiwanese Small and Medium Enterprises:

Ming-Lang Wang, Wen-Chih Chen & Kang-Wei Wang

 Role of Research and Development in Product Innovation; A CORRELATION STUDY:

iqra rafique dar & M.Shakil Ahmed

 Sales Force Automation And Organization Profitability A Correlation Study Of Unilever And Dalda Companies In Rawalpindi/ Islamabad Region:

 Naseha Kanwal & Shakil Ahmed
22  The impact of reward and recognition programs on employee’s motivation and satisfaction - A co relational study: Reena Ali & M.Shakil Ahmed

 Parents’ Perceived Service Quality, Satisfaction and Trust of a Childcare Center: Implication on Loyalty:

 Nor Asiah Omar, Muhamad Azrin Nazri, Nor Khalidah Abu & Zoharah Omar

 Perceived Organizational Justice And Its Impact To The Development Of Commitments: A Regression Analysis:

Zaini Jamaludin,
25  Impact Of Stress On Employee Productivity, Performance And Turnover; An Important Managerial Issue:  Subha Imtiaz & Shakil Ahmad
26  Employers’ Feedback on Business Graduates and Curtin Graduate Attributes: An Exploratory Study in Curtin Sarawak: Poh Yen Ng, Shamsul Kamariah, Abdullah, Pai Hwa, & Nga Huong, Tiew
27  Fostering Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) through Human Resources Empowerment (HRE): Hossien Nezakati, Vajihe Kohzadi, Faraz Karimi & Omid Asgari

Competency-Based Management And Global Competencies – New Challenges For Firm Strategic Management:

Claudia Ogrean, Mihaela Herciu & Lucian Belascu

 Does China have more than one culture? Exploring Regional Differences of Work Values in China:

Jong-Wook Kwon
30 Strategic Choices of Implementing Personalization: Eric See-To

 Six Sigma: Achieving And Sustaining Operational And Customer Service Excellence:

Michelle Ackerman B.S. & Maryam Davodi-Far

 Employers' Attitudes and Concerns about the Employment of Disabled People:

Mourad Mansour

 An Empirical Study of Future Entrepreneurs – An International Investigation:

Monica Gallant, Sudipa Majumdar & Damodharan Varadarajan

 The Impact of the Global Credit Crises on the Property Boom: The Emergence of a Diversified Strategy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE):

Oskar Kayasan

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