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1 To What Extent Do Trade Show Exhibitors Engage In Objective-Setting And Planning? Rooma Roshnee Ramsaran-Fowdar & Vanisha Oogarah-Hanuman
2 Justice Oriented Recovery Strategies And Customer Retention In The Retail Banking Industry In Malaysia Nek Kamal Yeop Yunus,
3 An Emprical Analysis Of Impulsive Buying Behavior In Pakistan Tariq Jalees
4 Spill-over Effects in Multi-sponsored events:  Theoretical Insights and Empirical Evidence Robin D. Pentecost & Mark T. Spence
5  Outsourcing: What’s On the Other Side of the Coin? Tansu Barker
6  Portugal Case Study: Consumer perception of green companies Clare D’Souza, Siva Muthaly, Mehdi Taghian & Francisco Costa Pereira
7 Assessing relationship among performance, managerial practices, salesforce Automation: A study on Unilever & Dalda Pakistan Ms. Amara Haroo
8 E-Mall as solution for  marketing the Federated ERP Components on basis of Web Services Evan Asfoura, Naoum Jamous & Gamal Kassam
9 The Globalizing Arab World: Impacts on Consumers’ Level of Materialism and Vanity Hélène Cherrier, Kaleel Rahman, Tarek Mady & Dennis Lee
10 The Necessity Of Consumers Orientation Towards Ecoproducts Oana Alexandrina Stanciu & Lucian Belaşcu
11  Adapting to changing buying behavior-A challenge for relationship management Anne Holma
12 A Comprehensive Model of Anxiety in Gift Giving Ke Han, Takahiro Chiba, Shingoh Iketani, & Akinori Ono
13  Chinese Brand Names and Global Brand Names:Implications from Two Corpus Analyses1 Allan K.K. Chan, Yue Yuan HUANG & David X.WU
14 How Do Communications between Consumers Construct Brand Value?Agent-Based Simulation of Market Dynamics Kosaku Morioka
15 Service Brand Relationship Matrix: Brand Strategy for Services Sector Kaleel Rahman & Charles S. Areni
16 Service Satisfaction, Information Trust and e-CRM Performance in BSC model in the empirics of Financial Institutions Majidul Islam & Yi-Feng Yang

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