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                                            Accounting, Finance and Banking Papers
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1 Comparative Analysis of Reporting Bases of Czech Republic, Macedonia and Albania with IFRS: Are They Really So Different? Jiří Strouhal and  Fitim Deari
2  Utilization of Activity-Based Costing system in manufacturing industries – methodology, benefits and limitations :Boris Popesko
3 Saving For College Using § 529 Plans Changes on the Horizon:  Peter D. Lucido
4 Accounting for Carbon Emissions and Climate Change: Changes Required in Global Accounting Standards : David Glodstein, Kenneth A. Winkelman
5   Before and After Bernie: Ponzi Regulation or Lack Thereof?: Donald J. Furman and John S. DeJoy
6 Identity Theft Issues for Financial Services Firms: John W. Moore
7 The Cost Efficiency Effects Of Involuntary Bank Mergers: Evidence From The Malaysian Banking Industry : Rossazana Ab-Rahim* and Nor-Ghani Md-Nor,. Shamshubaridah Ramlee and Fariza Ahmad
8 Nonlinear Behavior of the Chilean Capital Markets :Claudio A. Bonilla Rafael Romero-Meza  Elizabeth Gutiérrez
9 CEO Career Concerns and Corporate Policy: Li Zhang
10 Trading Volume, Volatility and Leverage: A Dynamic Analysis of the Indian Stock Market:  Naliniprava Tripathy   Aditya Prakash Gore and  Mayank Arora
11 From Modigliani Miller to the 2008-2009 Financial Crisis: JEHLEN Laure,
12 The Research of Taiwanese TFT-LCD Industry’s Competitive Strategies in Facing of The Financial Turmoil: Ming-Lang Wang , Hsing – Fu Lin
13 Interval Effect on the Estimation of Beta: Evidence from Istanbul Stock Exchange: Hakan Er and Sevgi Aydin
14 Corporate Mergers In A Developing Country: An Empirical Analysis Of The Merger Probability: Sandra Corredor Carlos Pombo and Adriana Corredor
15 Time variable and nonlinear phenomenon of stock market: Rongbin Wu
16 Predicting bank failures using a simple dynamic hazard model: Rebel A. Cole and Qiongbing Wu,
17 Bank Volatility and Economic Growth: Fariborz Moshirian and Qiongbing Wu,

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