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The Effect of Accounting and Non-Accounting Information to the Rating of Company’s Bond (Emperical Study to the Companies Listed at Indonesia Stock Exchange)

Greacee J. V. Kilapong and Lulu Setiawati.


The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure to the Value of the Firm (Empirical Study for the Banking Industry in Indonesia Stock Exchange)

Olivia Tjia and Lulu Setiawati.


Relationship between Internal Control,  Internal Audit, and Organization Commitment with Good Governance  Indonesian Case

Eko Suyono and Eko Hariyanto.


Corporate Social Responsibility, Financial Performance, and Market Performance: Evidence from Indonesian Consumer Goods Industry

Evelyn Setiawan and Tjiang, Gupita Janet.


Towards a Conceptual Design for Environmental Cost Identification and Allocation

  Neungruthai Nickie Petcharat and Nakhorn            Rachasima

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