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101: The Effects of Cooperative Learning on Development of Professional Accounting Competencies in Introductory Accounting Course: Wahida Zraa.



102: Disclosure of Credit Risk According to IFRS, Basel II Pillar 3 and National Supervisor – Croatian Case: Vesna Vašiček and Sanja Broz Tominac.



105: The Information Content of Goodwill Impairment before and after the Global Financial Crisis: Empirical Evidence from European Listed Banks: Renato Camodeca and Alex Almici.



106: Content Analysis of Corporate Risk Disclosure: The Case of Bahraini Capital Market: Gehan A. Mousa and Elsayed A.H. Elamir.



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201: The “Great Moderation” In OECD Countries: Its Deepness and Implications with Business Cycles: Jorge M. Andraz and Nélia M. Norte.


203: Estimating The Optimal Level of Inflation (Inflation Threshold) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Safar Al Qahtani, Ahmed Elhendy and Adel Khalifa.


207: Econometrics Analysis of the Impact of Fiscal Stance on Economic Growth in Nigeria (1970-2010): Tajudeen Mukhtar Olatunji and Adebayo Sunday Adedokun.


212: Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Arab Countries (1970-2008): An Inquiry into Determinants of Growth Benefits: Kamal A. El-Wassal.


213: Re-Estimating International Elasticity of Substitution: A Preliminary Study of Price and Quality Competition: Thannaletchimy Thanagopal.


218: The Determinants of FDI Inflows/Outflows and its Relationship with Economic Growth: Wenyu Zang.


219: Pooled Time-Series Analysis on Traffic Fatalities in Thailand: Chompoonuh K. Permpoonwiwat and Polpat Kotrajaras.


220: Globalisation and Its Impacts on the Feminisation of Migrant Workers in the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) Sector of Mauritius: Deepa Gokulsing.


222: Has China Crowded-out Asian Countries’ Exports? A Disaggregated Analysis?: Priydarshini Aruneema Mahabir.


223:   DINKs (Dual Income No Kids) Preferences and Condominium Choice Behavior: Kanika Klainatorn, Supeecha Panichpathom, Atcharawan Ngarmyarn and Yawaman Metapirak.


226: Global Expansion and Innovation Strategy: Huei-ting Tsai.



302: Ambiguity and Rollover Risk: A Possible Explanation for Market Freezes?:Francesca Rinaldi.


303: Credit Risk Management through Securitization: Effect on Loan Portfolio Choice: Neil Adrian S. Cabiles.


307: Why do Unpopular Projects Endure? An Empirical Examination of Documentary Movie Projects: Wayne J. McMullen and Raj Varma.


313: The Fama and French Three Factor Model as a Model of Risk-Return Asset Pricing: Chinese Evidence: Mike Dempsey, Man Li, Madhu Veeraraghavan, and Robert Faff.


315: Islamic Capital Market: Call Warrant According To Islamic Perspective: Azizi Abu Bakar, Ram Al Jaffri Saad and Fadzil Mohd. Husin.


318: Financial Distress Prediction using Decision Trees and Survival Analysis: Adrian Gepp & Kuldeep Kumar.


320: Probability of Informed Trading and Momentum‏: Ruei-Lin Lee and Yi-chun Chen.


321: Momentum and Default Risk: Ruei-Lin Lee and Wei-Yu Lin.


323: Self-Interested Incentives and Altruistic Effects of Environmental Information Disclosure: Evidence from Taiwan: Hsiu-Fang Chien and Yi-Mien Lin.


325: Relationship between Working Capital Management and Profitability- Case of Pakistan Textile Sector: Mehrunisa Sajjad  and Khuram Shahzad Bukhari.


327: Intraday Volatility in the Turkish Derivatives Market: Berna Aydoğan.


333: Valuation of Guarantees Set Relative to Cross-Currency Stochastic Rates of Return: Tsung-Yu Hsieh, Chi-Hsun Chou and Son-Nan Chen.


339: Firm Efficiency, Voluntary Disclosure and Market Liquidity: Application of the Inverse B-Convex Approach: Amal. Hamrouni and Qi-Bin. Liang.


340: The Impact of Increased Voluntary Disclosure on the Level of Information Asymmetry: Evidence From French Financial Market: Hamrouni Amal.


341: Exploring Predictability or Learning Uncertainty in Dynamic Asset Allocation: Huamao Wang.


342: Impact of Drift Parameter to Utility Maximization under Market Friction: Huamao Wang.


345: The Influence of Market and Company Characteristics on Voluntary Disclosure: Eugenio D’Amico and Anna Maria Biscotti.


346: Valuation Of Quanto Floating Rang Notes Under The Cross-Currency LIBOR Market Model: Chi-Hsun Chou, Ting-Pin Wu and Son-Nan Chen.


349: Stock Market Performance and Internationalization Strategies. An Empirical Analysis of the Software Industry: Alberto Pezzi.


351: The Molson- Coors: A Case Research of Merger between Two Family Firms: Bakr Ibrahim.


352: The Association between Corporate Disclosure, Analysts Following, and Information Asymmetry: Evidence From SET 100 Index: Amonlaya Kosaiyakanont.




401: Human Resource Management Practices of Selected Companies: Basis for Human Resource Management Program: Manolo L. Anto.


403: Applying Resource Based Theory to Evaluate the 3D IC Application of CMOS Image Sensor Manufacturers: Chia-Hua Chang.


405: Holignment: A Normative Model of Integrative Organization Development: Myles P. Sweeney.


407: Job Satisfaction and Job Performance: A case study of Five-Star Hotels in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Dhaifallah Obaid Almutairi, Talal Ratyan Alanazi, Ebrahim Moradi and Raheleh Emami.


414: Impact of Work Family Conflict on - Job Stress and Turnover Intention: (Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction as a mediator): Jawwad Ahmad, Mohammed Bashir Khan and Mazhar Hussain.


415: Organizational Strategy and Firm Performance: A Test of Miles and Snow’s Model Using 34 Paint Manufacturing SMEs in Southwestern Nigeria: Ade Oyedijo and R.O. Akewusola.


416: Organizational Culture and Organizational Change: Nebojša Janićijević.


417: The Supportive Leadership and Performance of Ambidextrous Innovation Capability: An Empirical Study: Huo-Tsan Chang, Min-Chih Miao, Yuan-Chieh Chang, Hui-Ru Chi and Wen-Hong Chiu.


422: Data Warehouse Implementation Success Factors and the Impact of Leadership and Personality on the Relationship Between success Factors: Thiti Phiriyayotha and Siriluck Rotchanakitumnuai.


424: Assessing the Relationship between Sales Quotas and Moral Judgement of Insurance Salespersons: The Moderating Effects of Personal Moral Values, Perceived Quota Difficulty, and Corporate Ethical Climate: Rasheed Kola Ojikutu, Musa Adebayo Obalola and Kamil Omoteso.


429: Singapore Business in the GCC: Un Tour D’horizon: Caroline Yeoh and Wilfred How.


431:Application of Scientific Management Theory as Right Based Approach in the Administration of NGOs: Marire Mary I., Uche  Ugwuanyi  and Jude Eze.


433: Dimensions of the Internationalization-Performance Relationship: Applied to Euronext 100 Multinationals: Samia Belaounia and Mehdi Nekhili.


434: Internationalization: a driver of business volume? The case of Euronext 100 Multinational Companies between 2005 and 2009: Samia Belaounia and André Giroard.


435: Measuring Knowledge: Towards a Quantitative Approach: Sheikh Shamim Hasnain.


436: Duties and Responsibilities of NGO-Employees in Bangladesh: Is the Mission Impossible?: Sheikh Shamim Hasnain.


440: How to Evaluate Innovation Leaders?: Fawzy Soliman.


443: Adaptability to Reverse Logistics at Network Level: The Case of European Electronics Industry: Hans-Christian Pfohl, Alexander Bode and Ha Thi Van Nguyen.


446: Managerial Power, Managerial Risk and Managerial Behavior: Zhou Zhongzheng.


447: Assessing the Performance of Teaching Hospitals. First Evidence From Italian Case Studies: Marianna Mauro, Emma Cardamone, Giusy Cavallaro, Giovanna Talarico and Annarita Trotta.


449: Beyond the Conventional State-Business Relationship to Stimulate Business Development: Oskar O. Kayasan.




501: Consumers’ Preference for the Survival of FMCG Companies in Rural India:(A Case Study of Hindustan Unilever Limited): Vijay Kumar Gangal, Nitika Gautam and Naveen Kumar.


502: Compulsive Buying Tendency of Young Consumers: Norjaya Mohd. Yasin.


504: The Facebook Effect: An Analysis of Beer Drinkers’ Perception of Brands in an Online Environment: Justin Beneke.


505: Consumers’ Buying Behaviour in an Emerging Market Setting – The Case of the Entry-Level Private Label Brand: Justin Beneke.


506: Service Quality in the Betting Industry: An Emerging Concern: Jyoti Devi Mahadeo and Darvin Shibdat.


507: B2B e-Marketing Critical Success Factors (B2B-eM-CSFs) and e-Business Performance: The Moderating Role of Senior Management Support and Government Commitment: Woon Kian Chong, Xiangmeng Huang and Mathew Shafaghi.


508: A Study of the Influencing Factors on Hospitals’ E-Procurement Adoption in Taiwan: Chechen Liao, Sheng-Luen Syu and Pui-Lai To.


509: Investigating Home Buyer Loyalty through Satisfaction and Perceived Value Dimensions: Sirinya Sunthorncheewin, Supeecha Panichpathom, Atcharawan Ngarmyarn and Niti Ratanaprichavej.


513: Priority Marketing Activity Areas of Firms in the Food and Beverage Industry in Malaysia: Norjaya M. Yasin, Mazuri A. Ghani, and Wan Jooria Hood.




601: The Dynamic of Bank Lending Channel: Basel Regulatory Constraint: Fathin Said.


602: Hedging Illiquidity Risk Through Securitization: Evidence From Loan Commitments: Neil Adrian S. Cabiles.


603: Efficiency of Islamic Banks and Conventional Banks Using DEA Approach: Impulses From The Middle East: Wael Moustafa Hassan.


608: What Determines the Solvency Margin of Indian Life Insurers? – An Empirical Study: B. Charumathi.


609: Examining What Best Explains Corporate Credit Risk: Accounting-Based Versus Market-Based Models: Antonio Trujillo-Ponce, Reyes Samaniego-Medina, and Clara Cardone-Riportella.


610: Comparative Efficiency Analysis of Conventional Insurance and Takaful Companies in Pakistan Using Data Envelopment Analysis: Uzma Noreen and Atiquzzafar Khan.


611: The  Impact  of  Corporate  Governance  Mechanisms  on Earnings  Management: Evidence  From Banks  in  Ethiopia: Obsa Teferi.


613: Fasten Your Seatbelts: A Credit Risk Perspective on European Car Manufacturers: D.E. Allen, A. R. Kramadibrata, R. J. Powell and A.K. Singh.


615: Corporate Governance Efficiency and Bank Performance in Nigeria: C.A. Jegede, B. H. Akinlabi and Y. A. Soyebo.


617: Assessing Nonlinear Dynamics of Central Bank Reaction Function: The Case of Asian Emerging Economies: Chou Yi, Larefi.


618: Bank Performance, Credit and Liquidity Risk: Emmanuel Mamatzakis.


622: Determinants of Dividend Payout in The Nigerian Banking Industry: Rufus Ayodeji Olowe and Soyoye Lukmon Moyosore.


Social Sciences


702: Factors Influencing the User Behavior Intention of Online Recruitment Websites: Chechen Liao, Hen-Yi Huang, Chan Pan, and Pui-Lai To.


703: Performance Effectiveness of Related Product Market Diversification Strategy in Nigerian Companies: The Enabling Role of Information and Communication Technology: Ade Oyedijo.


708: Academic Staff Professional Competences: Perspectives of Quality Assurance in a Technology-Oriented University Education in Uganda: Peter Neema-Abooki and George Wilson Kasule.


709: Freedom, Democracy and Rights: A Triad to Collaborative-Engagement for Integral Development of Universities in the Great Lakes Region: Peter Neema-Abooki.