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1 The Relative Importance Of Trust Intentions And Trust Beliefs In Internet Banking Adoption Bander A. Alsajjan, Institute of Public Administration, Saudi Arabia
2 Financial Statements and Lending Decision by Large Banks and Small Banks  Neung Kim, Neung Kim, College of Business and Economics (CBE), California State University, Los Angeles, USA

Did the Current International Financial Crisis Increase Central Bank Synchronization?


:Mohamed El Hedi AROURILEO, University of Orléans,Fredj JAWADI, Amiens School of Management and EconomiX-CNRS, France and Duc Khuong NGUYEN, ISC Paris School of Management, France,


New cyber risk: premises for an insurance coverage


Maria Elena Addessi,     Lumsa – Libera Università Maria SS Assunta, Rome  - Alessandro Annibali,   -  Eurokleis Srl –Research Innovation Finance and  Carla Barracchini University of L'Aquila, Italy

Managers’ discretion in purchase price allocation: a comparison between U.K. and Italian insurers


Alessandro Lai and Riccardo Stacchezzini, University of Verona, Italy

Is the KORIBOR a Better Reference Rate for Mortgage Loans?


 Seokchin Kim  Jonghyun JangSeongho Kim, Kyungpook National University, Deagu , South Korea

Monetary transmission channels around the sub-prime crisis: The US experience”

Samuel Bates, Universite Paris_Dauphine, France  and Victor Vaugirad, Universite de Strasbourg, France

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