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1 Development, Integration and Fragmentation in Southern Europe Petrakos, G &Bakalis,S
2 Post-Reform Labour market paradises in India Nair,G
3 An Empirical Investigation of Business Reinvestment and its effectiveness in International Joint Ventures: Growth, Competence, and Market Competitiveness Yan, Y & Others
4 Price distribution and core inflation measures: How do they differ in a rapidly structurally adjusted economy? Hassan,M
5 Immigration-A new challenge for Poland Leven , B
6 Foreign Ownership and Economic Performance in Italy: Not all is Cherry-picking Crino,R & Onida , F
7 Corruption, investments and economic Growth Semenescu, A &Others
8 SMEs Expert orientation and performance: Evidence from a developing economy Okpara, J & Kumbiadis,N
9 Importance of keeping a Government share in Pakistani Companies after privatization Altab,U &Nasr, M
10 The financialization of modern Economics in monetary circuit theory Pilkington, M
11 Structural barriers to Emiratisation analysis and policy recommendations Al-Ali, J & others
12 The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) countries.: Growth performance based on  discriminant analysis technique Nurhayati, Y &otherst
13 Effect of global warming on rainfall and agriculture production Rahman, S
14 Confronting money laundering operations : A study on legal frame work in select middle east countries Gheyalhaldin, L & Inguva, S
15 A study on corporate social responsibility practices amongst business organization in Malaysia Siwar, C & Harizan, S
16 Development of evaluation index for competitiveness of island tourism destination Suh, Y & others
17 Goodwill, negative margins and results: some evidence from the professional football industry Borre ,L & Gelmini, L
18 ABC diffusion in the Age of digital economy: the UK experience Al-Sayed, M & others
19 The competitiveness of  Ghana's Aluminium Industry Nyarko, D & BruijnA
20 The economics Queen has soured (It is time to Change) Choudhury , M
21 The  economic frame work for monitoring and holding corporate management  to Account Haunmdeh, A
22 On the influence of foreign direct investment on economic growth: evidence from Italian regions Lacono,V & Scuderi, R

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