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 Understanding Contribution Patterns of Committed Donors:Insights from Latent Growth Modeling:

Anyuan Shen and Chih-Yang Tsai
2  Delegations in the presence of foreign competition.: Najiba Benabess
3  Factors That Contribute To Economic Development:  Africa Vs. Europe – The Global View: K. Morris (Moshe) Speter
4  Exchange Rates and U.S. Import Prices: Bilateral and Aggregate Price Effects :    Cathy L. Jabara

 Net capital flows and real exchange rate depreciation effects on the business cycle in emerging market:

Liliana Castilleja-Vargas
6 Investment Selection by Means of DEA and Stochastic Dominance: Leili Javanmardi,  and Yuri Lawryshyn

Assessment Centres in Czech agrarian business:

Europe Vondrus and Dagmar Charvátová

International policy coordination and simple monetary policy rules:

Wolfram Berger

Oil Prices and Inflation under Alternative Monetary Regimes: Evidence from Brazil:

Claudio A C Paiva

Fiscal Discipline and Sustainability of Public Debt: An Empirical Analysis using Japanese Long-term Economic Statistics:

Takeshi Kudo
11 Perspectives on Corporate Governance Challenges in a Sub-Saharan African Economy: John O. Okpara

Dual Economic structure of Rural Non-Farm Economy in Bangladesh:   

Mohammod Lutful Kabir
13 Environmental Reporting in UK Hotels: An Empirical Analysis : Hakan Er  and Sevgi Aydin

Inflation-hedging portfolios in different inflation regime:

 M.Briere and o. Signori

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