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1  Portfolio Structure Dynamics, Unstable Fiscal Policy And Welfare In Emerging Open Economies  Ali Chebbi
2  Role of Private Investment in Economic development of Pakistan  Muhammad Haroon and Mohamed Nasr
3  Methods of Forecasting Deaths due to Road Accidents in Pakistan  Mohamed Nasr
4  Development And Testing Of An Impact Of Microfinance Scale  Umara Noreen and M. Iqbal Saif
5    R & D investment and Spillover Effect in Downstream Network Industries  Rafika Khabouchi
6  Exchange Rate Gap Effect on Economic Growth in Iran  Esmaiel Abounoori, and Hoda Zobeiri
7  External Debt And Macroeconomics Performance In Malaysia: Sustainable Or Not? Nanthakumar Loganathan, Muhammad Najit Sukemi,  and Nur Azura Sanusi
8  Private Returns Non-Conventional Education: Empirical Evidence From Malaysia  Nanthakumar Loganathan, Zaleha Mohd Noor and  Suhaila Abdul Jalil
9  Causes of Inflation in the Iranian Economy  Hamed Armesh, Abas Alavi Rad
10  Modeling the Choice of the Organizational Form in the European Bioethanol Industry  Monia Ferchichi and Loïc Sauvée

 The labour market and the knowledge intensification of Australian jobs: A view to the future

 Alexis Esposto
12  U.S. Recession Mitigating Strategies: Lessons from Thailand:  Rakesh Sah, Raj Agrawal and Shruti Jain
13  Financial Depth and Economic Growth in new EU members  Guglielmo Maria Caporale, , Christophe Rault, Robert Sova and Anamaria Sova
14  Assessing Economic and Financial Cooperation and Integration Among the GCC Countries  Salem Nechi

       Model Selection Criteria In Residual Sum Of Squares Form

: M.S. Rahman,


 Equilibrium and Optimum City Size with the Presence of Pollution

 Hasnat Dewan,
 17     House Prices and Neighbourhood Characteristics: Big City and Small City Comparative Analysis: Shahidul Islam, and Varghese Manaloor

 Using the Feder-Ram and Military Keynesian Models to Examine the Link between Defence Spending and Economic Growth in Sri Lanka

Albert Wijeweera and Matthew J. Webb
19  Impacts of Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy on Output: A Structural Cointegrating VAR Approach for selected ASEAN Economics Mohammed Nur Hussain, , Albert Wijeweera, and Nam Hoang
20  Measuring Earnings Inequality in Full-Time Earnings: An Australian Example Alexis Esposto
 21  Exploring the Use of Public Pro-Training Initiatives: Insight from a Study of Polish SMEs Akin Fadahunsi, Małgorzata Senko
22  Intra Industry Trade İn Textile And Clothing İndustry: The Case Of Turkey  Bige Kucukefe
23  On An Optimum Currency Area for the GCC Countries: An Analysis of the Economic Impact on the Kuwait Economy   Charles C. Chiemeke
24  Performance of Japanese MNEs in Developed Countries: The Case of Europe and USA      Mourad Mansour,    

 Financial Aid as a Tool to Increase Student Accessibility to Higher Education in Pakistan  

Anila Fatima Mohamed Nasr

 Sustainability Practices towards Developing Socially Responsible Business in Emerging Country: An Experience from UAE   

Amzad Hossain,
27 An examination of the macro economy of the UAE: A quality approach Ali Alghufli

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