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1 Testing the weak form efficiency in Pakistani's equity , Badla and money markets Rashid, A & Husain, F
2 Risk shift5ing through nonfinancial  contracts. Effect on loan spreads and capital structure of project  finance deals Corielli, F & others
3 Do precious metals market influence stock market? A volatility approach Morales,L
4 Determinants of capital structure decisions: Case of Pakistani Government owned and private finance Mazhar,A & Nasr, M
5 The  Islamic calendar effect in Karachi stock market Mustafa,K
6 Does oil price transmit to emerging stock returns: A case study of Pakistan economy Mujahid, N &others
7 financial securies"reporting: IFRS  7 requirements are quite strange.. Are we prepared? from Czech perspective) Strouhal, &others
8 Can extension fundamental models cancel the existence of abnormal returns in emergent market? hachicha, N &others
9 Real stock returns and inflation in pakistan Ahmed, R & Mustafa,K
10 Trading volume, price momentum and the 53-week high price momentum strategy in Saudi stock market Alsubaie, A & Najand, M
11 Mercurious oil Index(MOI) Leeuw, T & others
12 A model of exchange rate innovation with short and long term determinants Boulter, T & Sullivan , s
13 Absence of industry effect in modelling corporate collapse in Australia Hassan G
14 On the relation between fund performance and characteristics of Malaysian unit  trust fund Low,S
15 Inflation-hedging behavior of a securitized  real estate market: empirical evidence from Hong Kong Liu,W
16 Equity valuation Saleh, W & others
17 Portfolio optimization with alternative investment Schweizer, D
18 Nonfinancial performance measures and earnings management hassabelnaby, H & others
19 Competitive and contagion effects in corporate layoff announcements Bhabra, G &Others
20 A prudent margin setting methodology that controls the frequency of margin changes YU, P.L.H & others
21 Mutual fund growth analysis and risk minimization Khan Z
22 The compliance costs of the personal income taxation in Malaysia sapiei, N & Abdullah, M
23 Investment opportunities for foreign  capital and International financial Crisis: Evidence from Russia and Hong Kong Gazioglu, S &Basdas, U
24 Broadening the boardroom: Corporate governance and company performance in Sri  Lanka Siriwardhane, P
25 pegging to the dollar and the feasibility of the proposed currency area in the gcc Arayssi, M
26 The evaluation of the canadian BAX contract in managing short-term interest rate exposure Siam, J & Nainar, S
27 Asset-backed securities as attractive financing and investment: The malaysian experience Ismail, S &others
28 Options on Fed funds futures and interst rate volatity Sullan, J
29 The explanation of degree of economicleverage (DEL) for testing BETA coefficient in comparison with CAMP.L D-CAMP Roodposhti, F &others
30 Corporate capital structure and product warranties kate, J & Shahrur, H
31 What's wrong with positive relationship between growth opportunities and leverage? Awan, H & Bhatti, M
32 elimination of technical barriers in European securities settlement Schaper, T
33 Comparison of performance of optimal portfolio based on various risk estimations Kim, T & others
34 Information content of share repuchases Khaledi, N & darayseh, M