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1 Why Ipos Are Underpriced? Evidence From The Dhaka Stock Exchange, Bangladesh: Md. Aminul Islam, Ruhani Ali and Zamri Ahmad

Small Cap versus International Stock Indices:On the quest for lower risk and higher returns:

A. Seddik Meziani and Luis San Vincente Portes

CEO Overconfidence And Corporate Derivative Hedging Decisions:

Abdullah N. Alsubaie,
4 Risk management, screening and value creation in venture capital syndicates :  Asif Siddiqui  and Kunal Sengupta  and Jian Hong
5 The Share Price Reaction During Corporate Bond Rating Revision : Hasniza Mohd Taib , Amalia Di Iorio , Terry Hallahan, and Banita Bissondoyal

Comparing Prediction Power of Won-Dollar Exchange Rate: The Case of Korea:

 Min-Shik Shin , Hye-Sung Moon  and Gong-Yeong Kim ,

The Indian Equity Market Around The Ex-Split Date:

Madhumita  Chakraborty,

 nformation Transmission Between Large And Small Stocks: Evidence From India:

Madhusudan Karmakar

Volatility Spillovers Between Stock And Currency Markets: Evidence From Emerging Eastern Europe:


Elena Fedorova and Kashif Saleem**     In alphabetical order. Both from School of Business, Lappeenranta University of Technology, PO Box 20, 53851 Lappeenranta, Finland. Internet: Elena Fedorova: tel. +358 5 621 7297, elena.fedorova @ Kashif Saleem: tel. +358 5 621 7284, kashif.saleem @

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