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1 Value-at-Risk Disclosure, Cost of Equity Capital, and Investor Reaction: Hanmei
2 Predictable Patterns in Stock Returns Sandip Mukherji
3 Response Asymmetry of Latin American Stock Markets to the U.S. Money Market Rahul Verma

Trading Mechanisms And Value Effects: Evidence From The London Stock Exchange 

Evangelos Giouvris

Comovement of Asian Stock Markets and the U.S. Influencez

Jin Woo Park
6  Gauging Risks and Expectations for Illiquid Asset Prices Via Recent Advances in Option Pricing Jerome Healy
7  A Study of insolvent SMEs in Spain: a cluster analysis for the service sector Antonio Somoza

 Bidder’s Shareholder Wealth Effects Of Canadian Cross-Border And Domestic Acquisitions- The Role Of Corporate Governance Differences

Imen Tebourbi
9  Economics Basis of the Bulgarian Model for Optimization Finance and Accounting Management Venelina Georgieva Trifonova, Trifon Blagoev Trifonov 
10 The Opportunity Cost Of Entrepreneurial Labour and Dominant Financial Contracts William Lim

Forecasting Financial Stocks using Data Mining 

Luna Christie Tjung, Ojoung Kwon, C. Tseng and  Jill Bradley

Corporate Pyramid, Ownership Structure, and Firm Performance: Evidence from China:

Chao Chen and Song Zhu

The Impact of Scenario Presentation on Capital Budgeting Decisions

Eric Terry

335B Participation costs and inefficiency in takeover contests Hounwanou Degnide Didier

 e-CRM – in the Insurance Industry using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy model


 Dinesh Harkut and S.B.Sadar,

Application of CAPM in Measuring Risk and Return for Selected Markets of Iran’s Economy


Mohammad Reza Tavakoli Baghdadabad

Relationship of Corporate Governance Indicators and Firm Value: A Study of Indian Companies from Bombay Stock Exchange, India

Barnali Chaklader

The Simplest Model of Financial Crisis

James M Haley

Association between Pre IPO Earnings Managements And Post IPO Institutional Ownership Drifts 

Kyung Joo Lee, John Jongdae Jin and Diane Li



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