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                         Management  and Marketing
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 Motivations and Performance of Public to Private Operations:An International Study:


 Making Disney Pixar Into A Learning Organization :

James M. Haley  and Mohammed H. Sidky
3 Institutional Environments For Entrepreneurship In Emerging Economies: Brazil Vs. Mexico: Rangamohan V. Eunni

Role Of Street-Level Bureaucracy And  Project Implementation Process In India

Madhusudana N. Rao
5   The Recession of 2009: The Role of Small Business in the Recovery: Fred Maidment
6 Conception of „Competency“ in the Czech agrarian business: Jan Vondrus, Dagmar Charvátová

Public Service Development in Thailand:

Viput Ongsakul

Empirical Analysis Of Corporate Governance:  The Impact On Firm Performance  :The Case Of Thailand:

Nittayagasetwat, Aekkachai and Nittayagasetwat, Wiyada
9 Probe into the Modes of International Human Resource Management in Chinese Small and Medium Enterprises : Margaret E. Mitchell  and Yan Gao,
10 Role of Reference Groups for purchase of electronic durables: A study of Indian rural market: Omkumar Krishnan
11 Sustainable Development in Tourism Industry Context in Taiwan : Chih-Wen
12 A Parsimonious Multi-Criteria Decision Making Process for Supplier Selection Neda Javanmardi ,, Amin kaboli , Iraj Mahdavi  and  Babak Shirazi
13 Country-Of-Originand Its Impact On Brands:  V.J. Sivakumar
14 The Spectrum Health Value Study™: Audrey Spolarich,
15 Measurement Equivalency of Web Service Quality Instruments: A Test on Chinese and African American Consumers: Juan (Gloria)
16 The Brand Building of Chinese National Commercial Banks: Juan (Gloria)
17 Uplifting The Quality Of Exploratory Factor Analysis: Insights from Mathematics: Wenbin Guo
18 Dimension of Halal Purchase Intention: A Preliminary Study: Dr. Jamal Abdul Nassir Shaari and Nur Shahira bt Mohd Arifin,

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