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1  Strategic management of IC dimensions affecting organisational climate into healthcare organizations  Daniela Carlucci, Giovanni Schiuma,  Francesco Sole and Roberto Linzalone
2  Training & Development paradigm, and its contribution in economic uplift of the country, A case of Pakistan  Mohammad Arif Khattak and Farzana Bashir, and Tahir Masood Qureshi
3  An Assessment of the  Effectiveness of  the  CEO in Banking Institutions for Enhancing Work Ethics, Innovation, and Cultural Diversity  James L. Morrison,  G. Titi Oladunjoye,  and Dale Rose
4  Organizational change: Lessons from psychology for organizational leaders amidst the world crisis  Abdulmuhsen Ayedh Alqahtani, and Sanad A. Alajmi
5    Good Faith – An Idea Past Its Time  Cary Di Lernia, Nigel Finch and Andrew Terry
6  Organizational Innovation and Management Accounting Practices (MAPs) in Manufacturing Organizations of Pakistan  Qaisar Ali Malik,
7  The Dissolution of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs): An Australian Case Study  Andrew Dahdal
8  A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Strategic Management: An Islamic Outlook  Marwan N. Al Qur’an
9  Transformational Leadership: A new force in leadership research  Nuttawuth Muenjohn
10  A Responsible Decision Making Model for Global Management Projects  C. E. Wynn Teasley
11  Influences of Culture and Social Class on perception Of Job Stress in Emerging Economies  Shahin Bahrami, American University in Dubai, UAE
12  Employee satisfaction: Work-related and personal factors  Kanjana Kessuwan, and Nuttawuth Muenjohn
13  Managing Voluntary Community Investment: Empirical Research in Fiji’s Tourism Industry  Andrew Penn Bradly
14  Organizational Factors Affecting Talent Management Effectiveness in a Retail Organization -- A Validation Study  Constantine Kontoghiorghes, and Athena Neophytou

 The role of non-executive chairman  on the board of company directors

 Hafiza Aishah Hashim
16    Do Resources Contribute to Firms’ Performances? Exploring Batik Industry in Malaysia  Dewi Izzwi Abdul Manan and Nawawi Mohd Jan,

 Social Responsibility Of Multinational Firms: Between Global Efficiency And Local Adaptation

 Rabia Naguib
18  An examination of the nature and type of ‘organizational learning infrastructure’ that supports interproject learning in Swedish Consultancy firms  Wise  Mainga

 Challenges For Supply Chain Management In Today’s Global Competitive Environment

 Aarti Deveshwarand and  Rupa Rathee

 Can We Discuss This? - Student Led Discussions in the University Business Classroom

 Peter R. Woods

 Customer Relationship Management: Comprehensive View

 Ahmed Sanad, Christine Fidler and Neil McBride

 Institutional Quality As A Determinant For Fdi Inflows: Evidence From Asean

 Tajul Ariffin Masron and Hussin Abdullah
23  ‘Push Factors’ Of Outward Fdi: Evidence From Malaysia And Thailand  Tajul Ariffin Masron, and Amirul Shah Md Shahbudin
24  Firm Absorptive Capacity and Product Development Design among Automotive Component Manufacturers in Malaysia  Siti Norezam Othman, Suria Musa, Mastora Mustafar and Norsiah Hami
25  Attitudes of University Students Towards Economic and Sustainable Development, in Istanbul  Kezban Talak Eyüboğlu, Özden Uslu, and Mehmet Deniz Öz

 The Romanian Researchers Profile and Career in the Knowledge Based Economy

 Iulia Chivu, Dan Popescu, Alina Ciocarlan-Chitucea and Daniela Popescu
27  The Influence of Investor Psychology On Regret Aversion  Mahmood Yahyazadehfar,  Sara Ghayekhloo and Tanaz Sadeghi

 Investigating the link between human resource information systems and strategic human resources planning Field study in the Jordanian mobile companies

 Hanadi Al-Zegaier
29  Ethnic Identity Dilemma – A Case Study of the Indian Muslims in Penang  Saidatulakmal Mohd 
30  The Winning Strategy of the Late-Comer: How Korea Awarded UAE Nuclear Power Contract  Ki-Chan Park, and Francoise Chevalier

 Decision making

 Hamed Armesh
32  Organizational Values in Public and Business Organizations in Kuwait  Mohammad Qasem Ahmad (Al-Qarioti) and Yusif Ahmad Al-Mutairi,
33  Developing an Innovation Culture in Pharmaceutical Organisations  Abeer Abdul-Karim Pharaon and Neil Burns
34  Post-Crisis Challenges for Universities: Perspectives, Prospects and Preparations  Dr Lawrence Loh
35  Managerial Learning from the Perspectives of Individual and Organization Level Learning  Vikineswaran Maniam, Jegak Uli and Rahim Sail,

 Automobile Production Difference of Suzuki and Honda in Pakistan

         Safi Ahmed Mushtaq, Asim Irshad,  Nadeem Ehsan and Ebtisam Mirza

37  Effects Of Various Discount    Packages On Performance Of GSM Mobile Operators In Pakistan   Aftab Ali Khan, Farooq Akbar  and  Nadeem Ehsan

 Impact Of Goal Clarity And Employees Participation On Organizational Commitment In Telecommunication Organizations Of Pakistan

 Zeeshan Khan, Hina  Ali,  Nadeem Ehsan and Ebtisam Mirza
39  Entrepreneurial Environment In Pakistan For Start-Ups  Uzma Akbar and Nouman Bashir

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