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Corporate Social Responsibility towards Social Responsible Innovation: A dynamic capability approach :

Hossein Mahlouji  and Nahid kalbasi Anaraki
2 The Effects of Commitment-Based Human Resource Management on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: The Mediating Role of the Psychological Contract :  Ki Yeong Lee, and  Seongsu Kim
3 Do Management Practices Affect the Economic Performance of Firms Located in Southeast Wisconsin, USA? : Gary F. Keller
4 Relationship of E-tailing Marketing Strategy and Internet-Based Purchasing:: Suthawan Chirapanda

Segmenting Financial Services Clients by Relationship Positioning: A Total Life Planning Approach:

Y.H. Wong
6 The State of knowledge and Innovation Jordan communication firms: Asmahan m. Altaher
7 Toward effective evaluation mechanism of strategic suppliers using linguistic computing approach: Wen-Pai Wang and Hsu-Hao Yang,
8 Distributor Of Proctor And Gamble = Shun Sang (HK) Co. Ltd:  Esther P. Y. Tang,Leslie S. C. Yip and Lorett B. Y. Lau

Enhancing Management Competence through Business Simulations:

Michael Segon and Christopher Booth

The Use and Abuse of Online Social Network Sites by Gen Y in the EU: Can Marketing Make a Difference?


Alan London D David Bednall Marie Ashwin, and  Ohran Icoz Yaşar
11  Investigation Of The Dynamic Of Entrepreneurial Change: Brian McKenzie,

Job Satisfaction of Saudi Female Employees: An Exploratory Study :  

Mourad Mansour and Mustafa Achoui,
13 Disengagement of Young Terrorists through Entrepreneurship Programs in Federal Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan: Shahid Raza

Career Management: Challenges to the Academics and Nurses in Nigeria:

Siyanbola, T., Agbaje, Y. , Akinkoye, E,
15  Employees’ Perception of the Gains and Losses of the 2004-2005 Nigerian Commercial Banks  Recapitalisation Exercise : Tejumade Omowumi SIYANBOLA

Emerging new rules of the globalisation:The resurgence of emerging markets aftermath of financial crises. 

Oskar Kayasan
17 Lay representations of occupational health and safety and their implications for human resource management : Judy Van Rooyen and Dr Darcy McCormack,
18 The Impact Of Sex And Role Identity On Employees’ Perceptions Of Managers’ Communication Style: Michael Willemyns, Cynthia Gallois and Victor J. Callan
19 Managers’ discretion in purchase price allocation: a comparison between U.K. and Italian insurers: Alessandro Lai and Riccardo Stacchezzini
20 Building Managers As Transformational Leaders In Public Sector Banks:
Reza Gharoie Ahangar  and Ali Sorayaie

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