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1  Dog adoption decision: Relationship between Definition of Self and Dog Breeds Choice as Mediated by Dog Breed Categorization: Goitom Tesfom and Nancy Birch
2 Immigrant Business Owners: A Case Study Of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs In America: Hung M. Chu and Lei Zhu, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, USA and David Chu, International Service Center, USA

The Effect of the Traits of Responsibility Center and the Traits of Job on Organizational Effectiveness:


Sungkyoo Huh and  Hee-Kyung Yu,

Work placements work! Why? An investigation of why communication skills improve during work placements:

Martin Roberts, John Joyce and Trevor Hassall

Barriers to Implement TQM in Japanese Way: A Study on Companies in Malaysia:

Jamal Abdul Nassir Shaari



High-Tech Business Survivorship:  An Analysis by Organization Type:

Tian Luo and Amar Mann

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