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1 Mass Customization Decision Models to Improve Inventory and Production Plans  Soroosh Saghiri
2 An Ethical Model of Software Piracy Decision Making: Empirical Evidence from Computer Users in China Ricky Y. K. Chan, and Katherine H. Y. Ma,

Understanding the Bugs in Consumer Behaviour: From BS to CS:


Leyland Pitt and Colin Campbell, Constantine Katsikeas and Stavroula Spyropoulou,
4 Is New Product Development what the Textbooks Say?  A Look at the New Product Development Process Inside a University Colin Campbell and Leyland Pitt,  Constantine Katsikeas and Stavroula Spyropoulou
5   The Effects of Valence of eWOM on Perceived Message Credibility: Kyung-Tak Lee and Sawon Kim

New technology in the super-market: a whole new way of shopping, a whole new way of marketing

Despoina Mergiani

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